“The Great Mens of religion” being published

12 Feb 2011 11:15
The attendant of the publication of “Play of Stories” informed about publishing “The Great men’s of religion” which contains life story of 10 Prophets in 11 volumes.

IBNA: The attendant of the publication, Nahid Mahdavi Asl who is also author of the collection told IBNA :”In the collection life story of 10 Prophets will be published in 11 volumes, since now pictures of 4 volumes of the collection have been prepared.”

Volumes about Prophets “Solomon”, “Ayyub”, “Jesus” and “Adam” have been illustrated by “Amir Manuchehri”, “Elaheh Farmanian” and “Hedieh Javani”.

The author of the book had also written “I am a child of the Revolution” for teens. The book is about a teacher who cites his memoirs about the Islamic Revolution to children.

It was supposed to publish the book before February but now it is planned to be ready till next year and be published by “Play of stories” publication.

Another book written by Mahdavi Asl is “children’s happiness guffaws” which is being illustrated. The book is about ancient games of Tehran and she hopes it will be ready for the Book Fair.

“Nahid Mahdavi Asl” was born in 1964 and has started her literary activity since 1997. Her first published work was “adventurous face” which was published by Shabaviz publication.

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