Modern Health for Modern Kids

One of my favorite sites to visit for e-books for kids is the International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL). What makes this online resource so special is that it has been designed by a group of people that includes kids! The ICDL research team includes computer scientists, librarians, graduate students, and children from Maryland, Illinois, Honduras, Germany, and New Zealand. The site includes free books from over 42 different countries and in 11 languages.

There are many ways to search as well as read the collection. For example, a reader may search for books by country by selecting the geographical area on an image of a globe. The reader may also search for books by country through a text list. One fun way to search for books (thanks to the kids on the ICDL research team) is by the color of the book cover. You can also search by the length of book: short, medium or long!

Once you choose a book, you may view it one page at a time, as a two-page spread, in comic strip format, or even in a spiral format. You can also change the color and pattern of your viewer background. Below are some of my favorite emotional and physical health-related books for kids from the ICDL.


 The Adventurous Face by Nahid Mahdavi Asl and Ali Reza Goldouzian, Ages 6-8.
Mr. Nose arises one morning to find himself rather out of sorts. At first Mr. and Mrs. Ear and Mr. and Mrs. Eye believe that Mr. Nose is crying about being alone again. It quickly becomes apparent that something is preventing Mr. Nose from doing his job, and all the neighbors work together to help him out. Mr. and Mrs. Leg take Mr. Nose to the doctor; and afterwards, Mrs. Mouth, Mr. Tongue, and Mr. and Mrs. Hand work together to deliver some medicine and comforting soup. With whimsical images, this Iranian tale demonstrates the importance of collaboration and helping out your fellow human. This story also shows how interconnected parts of the human body are, all working together to help us function. This is a fun book for imaginative children who enjoy personification. It can be read in English, Persian/Farsi, or Hebrew.


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